NFSC Board of Directors Mission Statement
It is our mission to dutifully serve the best interest of our athletes and help foster an environment that encourages positive relationships, athletic achievement, broad awareness of our club in the communities we serve and comradery among members and families. We are committed to providing fun and engaging programming for our athletes, while fostering a lifetime passion for skating.

Board Members


President – Hilary Butzler

Vice President – Jamie Shaffer

Treasurer – Jenna Stuntz

Secretary – Shanda Harrington
*Show Committee

Northwoods Figure Skating Club

Board Member: Emily Stowell

Board Member- Jennifer Murdza
*SafeSport Chair

Board Member: Sarah Fox
*Advertising/Sponsorship Co-Chair, Webmaster

Northwoods Figure Skating Club

Board Member: Connie Lussier
*testing chair

Board Member: Sabrina Meddaugh

Board Member: Rachael Stuntz

Skating Director

Skating Director: Ashley Emerson

Coordinators & Supporting Members

Rink Coordinator: Hilary Butzler

Northwoods Figure Skating Club

Sports Engine Administrator- Trish Myers