Learn to Skate Program:

Northwoods Figure Skating Club (NFSC) follows the US Figure Skating Association (USFSA) Learn to Skate curriculum. Lessons are available for boys and girls for ages 4 and up. There are many levels to achieve in the Learn to Skate program.

New skaters to NFSC are evaluated their first night. Depending on their skill level, they will be placed appropriately. Age does not define what level skaters are placed. It is purely by ability to skate and the skills they will be required to learn in each level.

* Learn to Skate Mission


Lesson Time:

Visit the Sessions tab for more information about scheduling lessons.

Weekly lessons are 60 minutes. Each lesson skaters will work in their level with a group and a coach for 30 minutes and have 30 minutes of practice time. During practice time, skaters will have the opportunity to practice the skills learned during the instructor led portion of the curriculum.

The Learn to Skate program is designed to teach the basic fundamentals of skating to students of all levels. The progressive levels enable each skater to develop more difficult skills while improving their physical fitness.

If you are interested in private lessons for your skater, please see the Coaches link for availability. Not all coaches offer private lessons. Private lessons are a separate cost from the session cost. Families will get billed from the coach per their hourly rate.

If a private lesson is not during the skater’s regular practice lesson time, a punch card must be purchased from the rink coordinator. A punch card has 30 minute increments and can be used during the Free Style ice time, if the rink offers the time. If you have questions, please contact the Skating Director, Ashley Emerson.

**If a skater wishes to be in the NFSC show, they must skate the two full sessions prior to the show. Please visit the Session Tab for more information.



Levels of the Learn to Skate Curriculum:

First Night of Skating (PDF Link)

Snow Plow SamLevels 1 through 4 (PDF Link)
Elementary level of skating
Curriculum designed to introduce fundamental skills to first time skaters.

Basic Skills – Levels 1 through 6 (PDF Link)
Beginner level of skating
A curriculum designed for beginner skaters with 6 progressive levels.
Each level consisting of simple elements to introduce the beginner skater to moves needed to learn harder, more difficult skills.

Free Skate – Levels Pre-Free through 6 (PDF Link)
Intermediate level of skating
The curriculum for Free Skate is designed for the skaters to learn more difficult moves such as jumps and spins.

Free Style – Preliminary, Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Junior & Senior
Advanced level of skating
Skaters are tested at a high level and may participate in USFSA testing and competitions.

Specialized Classes – All Levels
The club works with several high level coaches and tries to offer specialized classes and training outside of the sessions. The classes will be communicated to families as they become available.