How to Dress Like a Skater:

Your skater’s safety is top priority. You can prepare your skater for the ice with the appropriate skates and clothing.

The following are basic items that your skater will need: sharpened, single edge skates with good ankle support (figure skates are preferred, but hockey skates will work for lower levels), gloves/mittens, layers, hat/earmuffs/headbands, comfortable pants (wind pants, leggings etc.) and light socks.

Skates need to be sharpened prior to lessons.
NFSC does NOT sharpen skates at the rink.

Clothing NOT recommended for skaters is: double edge blade skates (skaters cannot control the skates), heavy jackets, snow pants and definitely no jeans. Check out the following documents to help your skater be ready for the ice:

How to Dress Like a Skater

The First Day of Skating

Should my skater wear a helmet?

Safe Skating Rules

Skate Sharpening 101

The following businesses provide skate sharpening services:
Riverside Bike & Skate, Eau Claire
Grinders, Rice Lake
Pierce Skate & Ski, Bloomington
Dunham’s, Rice Lake