Please contact director Ashley Emerson to inquire about competition.




Northwoods Figure Skating Club (NFSC) promotes competitions throughout the year. Several of our skaters have participated in competitions. There are extra costs associated with competitions, for example: coaching fees, mixing of music, costumes, registration fees etc. If your skater is interested in participating in competitions, please contact Skating Director Laurie Rubesch.

How to Prepare Your Skater for Competition

Figure Skating Programs and Development

Upper Great Lakes Competition
Blaine, MN and

Midwestern Sectionals
Bloomington, MN

Laurie Rubesch
NFSC Skating Director

Name: Laurie Rubesch
Contact Number: 715-520-0851
Coaching: 21 years coaching with NFSC
Type of Coaching: Learn to Skate