The Northwoods Figure Skating Club (NFSC) is a nonprofit, non-stock incorporated organization whose purpose is to encourage the instruction, practice and advancement of its members in all types of figure skating and basic hockey skating concepts. The NFSC was founded in 1989 and skates at the Rice Lake Hockey Arena, the Cumberland Ice Rink and the Barron Ice Arena.

The NFSC, Inc. is an official member of the United States Figure Skating Association (USFS), the governing body of amateur figure skating in the United States. This association entitles the local skaters to conduct and to participate in official USFS test sessions, competitions and ice shows.

The Basic Skills program is designed to teach the basic fundamentals of skating to students of all levels. The progressive levels enable each skater to develop more and more difficult skills while improving physical fitness. Each class is taught in a group manner.

Testing for badges will take place two times during each session (midway and at the end). Each student will receive a Certificate of Achievement. Those students that pass their test elements will earn a badge and be advanced to the next level.

This curriculum is divided into two categories.

1. A program for beginners with eight progressive levels each consisting of simple elements to introduce the beginner skater to moves needed to learn harder, more difficult skills.

2. A program for Intermediate skaters with badges in Freeskate. There are six levels in each area of interest. Badges are rewarded as the student masters the set of elements in that particular level.

Snowplow Sam:
A "tots" curriculum designed to introduce fundamental skills to preschool aged skaters. Badges may be earned at three levels. Each level is more elementary in comparison to those presented in Basic Skills.

Specialized courses:
NFSC is working with several high level coaches in offering specialized training techniques for specific figure skating elements for beginner through advanced skaters.

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