Skating Safety:

All skaters fall, at all levels. Helmets are suggested, but not required. If your skater is younger and just starting the program, a helmet may be a good investment for additional safety while they are mastering their skills on the ice.

Concussions and head injuries can occur in any sport. Please review the Guidelines for Concussion and Head Injury form with your skater. All parents/guardians and skaters are required to sign the Parent & Athlete agreement each year.

Protective Headwear for Skaters
Concussion Information
Safe Skating Rules
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What is SafeSport?  SafeSport is designed to protect our athletes from any type of abuse or misconduct on or off the ice.  Designed by US Figure Skating, NFSC follows the SafeSport rules, guidelines and policies.  Our Board of Directors have taken the SafeSport training and you as parents, can take the training too.  You can find the training at:

Shanda and Jesse are NFSC’s co-chairs for SafeSport.  If you have any concerns regarding the safety of any of our skaters, coaches or family members, please contact Shanda, Jesse or anyone on the board.  We want to make sure everyone understands that NFSC is a safe place to come.

Parents and guardians, please note that you have signed the Parent Code of Conduct and the Skater Code of Conduct forms as part of your skater’s registration materials.  It is important that you remember to show respect to the coaching staff as well as your skater.  Respect between coaches, parents/guardians and skaters is expected at all times throughout the year.  Thank you for your cooperation.

SafeSport Handbook